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SWC promoting Nor Cal JoshuaFest

Spirit West Coast has always been about evangelism and celebrating faith in a Christian music context. As summer 2014 rolls along, SWC is excited to announce a supportive association with the long established, annual JoshuaFest, which comes to Northern California Aug 29 – 31.

The lineup for the 3-day JoshuaFest event includes headliners Switchfoot, Family Force Five, Thousand Foot Krutch, Seventh Day Slumber and dozens of others. JoshuaFest accommodates camping and takes place near the small, northern California town of Quincy, about 80 miles west of Reno in beautiful, picturesque Plumas County. Also featured at JoshuaFest are teaching workshops, children’s fun zone called “Camp Jericho” and evening messages by gifted speakers like Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber.

SWC director Jon Robberson says this about JoshuaFest“the things I’ve always appreciated about JoshuaFest is their commitment to young people, teens and young adults, the age group I like to call ‘generation next’, and the casual, free flowing atmosphere of the event. There’s a great vibe at JoshuaFest which I think comes from a combination of the type of artists they have and the remote location. Plus the event is VERY inexpensive and you can never beat that.”

There are many reasons SWC decided to actively promote JoshuaFest this year but the primary reason is encouraging people to place themselves at an opportunity and in an environment where God can speak to them. Robberson elaborated on that aspect; “for years we’ve seen how God impacts lives at the SWC festivals and anytime our ministry can be involved in facilitating another opportunity for ministry we’re all in. We saw God touch hundreds at the Ontario and Concord single day events in June and we’re thrilled to be supporting JoshuaFest in late August.”      

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