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The following is a list of service areas and brief descriptions for you to consider. Please refer to this when completing your Volunteer Staff Application. Volunteers must be at least 17 years of age, except where noted.

  • Access Control (21 and older): Secure back gates and pass-required entry points. Strong personality required.
  • Accounting: (ONLY ACCEPTING PREVIOUS ACCOUNTING VOLUNTEERS) Account for all funds incoming and outgoing. Banking or finance experience required.
  • Admissions: FULL Secure entry gates, check wristbands. Serve as guides for the general public.
  • Alternative Stage Security (18 and older): Help maintain order and proper conduct during performances.  Help keep aisles clear and guide public away from restricted areas.  Double shifts preferred (9 hours each day) but not required.
  • Artist Merch Sales: FULL Help sell artist and speaker merchandise. Experience in handling cash and credit card transactions is beneficial.
  • Camping Helper / Camping Management FULL: Help set-up and keep tent and RV camping areas organized. Management should be available from Thursday evening (May 24) through Monday morning (May 27). Management works double shifts (9 hrs each day).
  • Children's Ministry: see VeggieLand FULL   
  • Communications / Dispatch (21 and older): Provide coordination for all two-way radio communications including set-up, take down and dispatching services.  Great opportunity for Ham Radio operators.  Double shifts required (9 hours each day).
  • Construction: Help with installation, repairs, etc. Experience in carpentry and plumbing is desirable. Must be available starting Tuesday (May 22) through Thursday (May 24) for setting up the festival, or Monday (May 28) through Tuesday (May 29) for tear down.  Construction team members also work during the event.  Double shifts required (9 hrs each day).
  • Custodial: General clean-up of the festival grounds, trash collection, restroom upkeep, etc.  Be a real servant and volunteer in this area!
  • Deaf Interpreter: Assist our hearing impaired/deaf attendees by signing during performances of the bands and speakers at various stages. ASL experience required.
  • Electrical: Work on the team that provides the "juice" to make the festival run. Electrical experience preferred, but we also need some "helpers." Must be available starting Wednesday (May 23) through Monday (May 27) for set-up and tear down of the festival. Double shifts required (9 hrs each day).
  • Exhibit Hall (18 and older):  Assist retailers with load-in (Thursday, May 24) and load-out (Sunday, May 27).  Set up tables and chairs, facilitate exhibit hall rules & regulations (see Get Involved) and provide info to attendees regarding retailers. Experience with customer service is beneficial.
  • Information Technology:  Don't let "IT" fool you. We need network techs/engineers, wireless engineers, web architects, PC techs, and more! We'll be setting up a monster wi-fi network and need your help getting all the gear setup, deployed, and talking to each other flawlessly. Candidates should be available pre and/or post festival as well as during festival. Click here for more details . Double shifts (9 hrs each day).
  • Main Stage Security (18 and older): FULL Help maintain order and proper conduct during performances.  Provide general security and safety for public in and around the Main Stage venue.  Great opportunity for law enforcement to serve.  Double shifts are required (9 hours each day).
  • Massage Therapy:  Provide massage therapy to staff and crew.  Must be a certified Massage Therapist.  Current certificate required.
  • Medical: Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and certified EMTs to help at first aid stations. Current medical license or certificate required.  
  • Ministry: (ONLY ACCEPTING PREAPPROVED VOLUNTEERS) You will be assigned to work in either a Prayer Tent or the Administration Tent.  In the Prayer Tent, volunteers must be willing to pray with festival attendees.  In the Administration Tent, volunteers will help check in and distribute information to Altar Call workers.  Must be mature, spiritual minded and have a heart for people and prayer.  Gifted intercessors, pastors, and counselors are most welcome.  Volunteers may also have the opportunity to help with Altar Calls in addition to working in a tent.  If you are interested in Children's Ministry, see VeggieLand  
  • Production Tech: Loading-in and loading-out the sound and lights, musical equipment, etc. and helping with on-stage set-changes. Experience necessary. Double shifts required (9 hrs each day).
  • Property Maintenance (21 and older): FULL Provide help in setting up the festival beginning Monday (May 21) if available. Work on maintaining all different types of areas of the festival grounds. Work includes banner frame building and hanging, fencing areas, laying astro turf, etc. Handyman-type individuals needed for this area.
  • Public Relations: FULL Answer questions, help in Lost & Found, sometimes with children. A friendly, outgoing personality is important. Knowledge of festival grounds beneficial.
  • Purchasing/Receiving (25 and older): Supports the SWC event by ordering, picking up, receiving and delivering supplies throughout the grounds, before, during and after the event.  Driving may be required.  Familiarity with the San Diego area is beneficial.  Volunteers are needed pre-event (Wed-Fri), during the event (Fri-Sun), post-event (Mon), or a combination of these times. 
  • Security / Safety Patrol (21 and older): Provide general safety and security for public in and around SWC venues.  Great opportunity for law enforcement to serve. Double shifts required (9 hrs each day).
  • Sports & Recreation (15 and older):  FULL Assist in the Inflatables activity area.  Monitor the inflatables users and help enforce the rules of the activity area. (Note: this decription has changed for 2012.)
  • SWC Merch Sales: Help sell SWC merchandise. Experience in handling cash transactions is beneficial.
  • Traffic & Parking (15 and older): Help with the direction of traffic, the parking of vehicles and general traffic safety.
  • Transportation / Drivers (25 and older): Transport key personnel to and from the airport, hotels, etc. All transportation staff must be between the ages of 25 and 60 for insurance purposes and have a clean driving record.  In some cases volunteer staff will be driving their own vehicles (primarily vans) and must have their own (active) insurance in addition to festival insurance. Drivers should be familiar with the San Diego area.  Double shifts are required (9 hrs each day).
  • Ushers (18 and older): Help maintain order and proper conduct during performances at SWC venues.  Help keep aisles clear and guide public away from restricted areas.  A good problem solver and experience in working with the public is desired.
  • VeggieLand (15 and older): FULL Assist is various children's ministries activities including crafts, petting zoo, etc. Volunteers may be subject to a backround check.
  • Video Tech: Experience working in a professional video production environment.  Volunteers should have a knowledge of video production terms and concepts as well as technical and operational knowledge of the various equipment used in video production. Double shifts required(9 hrs each day).
  • Volunteer AdministrationFULL Assist with volunteer check in at Check-in Row before and during the festival.  Hand out volunteer packets and t-shirts. Monitor lines at the check-in tent. Assist in light administrative duties (filing, data entry etc.). Must have great customer service skills. Volunteer may be required to stand for long periods of time and/or do light lifting. Must be available to work beginning 7:00am on Friday. Double shifts preferred but not required.