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What are the prices for admission and camping, etc.?
Check out the Tickets page and the Camping page.
Does my ticket include camping or is there an additional fee to camp?
Ticket prices do not include camping. For camping prices visit the Camping page.
Something has come up – can I get a refund?
As clearly stated on the order form, no refunds or exchanges are permitted. You are free to sell the tickets to someone else (at or below your purchase price), donate them to someone you know, or donate them to the scholarship fund.
I ordered my tickets. When are they sent out?
Tickets will be sent out 3-4 weeks before the event.

This is my first year at SWC, can you describe the campground locations and/or send me a map so that I know what to request?

A campground map is available on our Camping page. Unless you have previously been to the festival, it is almost impossible to suggest a camping area. We literally have requests from previous attendees for every single different campground (we have 13 campground areas). For various reasons, different people like different campgrounds.
Why didn't I get assigned to the campground I requested?
Camping assignments are made in priority order based on purchase date. We begin with March orders and work our way forward, day by day. Generally, we start filling the campgrounds closest to the activity areas and work our way out.
What is the camping like?
All camping at SWC-Del Mar is primitive. This basically means that for tents you get an approximate 20' x 20' piece of ground. There are no improvements at the sites (i.e. no picnic tables, BBQ pits, water). Water, showers and toilets are accessible to all campgrounds. The same primitive arrangements are true for RV's – there are no hookups. Campers should bring all the supplies they need and everything required to set up camp. See the Camping page.






Why isn't my favorite artist appearing at this year's festival?
SWC does its best to bring in talent that appeals to all age groups and styles of music. Unfortunately it would be impossible to please everyone. It is the festival's desire to bring in the talent that is being played regularly on the radio and has had a general buzz about them throughout the year. If you don't see your favorite artist this year, hopefully you'll see them next year. If you sign up for our email updates, you can participate in our annual SWC Booking Survey each fall.
Do you have a schedule of what times the artists and speakers will be appearing?
The final daily time schedule will be available 2 weeks before the event and on-site in the Event Program.
I have or know a band, am an artist / speaker who would like to appear at SWC. How can I submit press materials to be reviewed?
Indie artists including worship bands, rock/urban artists or singer songwriters are accommodated through the Partner & Play program – see “Perform at SWC” under Appearing.
Selecting the talent for SWC is a fairly complicated and involved issue. Many, many factors need to be considered – music style, availability, the cost, popularity, etc. We also look at how a certain performer fits in with the others that are appearing, balancing the stylistic feeling of the event as a whole. SWC tries to book a stylistic variety of the very best in the contemporary Christian music field. Those attending appreciate and expect to see the top talent in the country. This dedication to better-known artists most often limits those indie, semi-pro or developing artists, who as talented as they be, do not have careers as advanced as the nationally recognizable artists. There are only so many performance slots (times) available each year, and these slots need to be used to their fullest to satisfy the most. SWC is very supportive of talented non-professional artists – great church bands and singers, developing semi-pro bands and artists, and talented people using their gifts for Christ. However, what the festival can actually do for this level of artist is limited due to what SWC is and is not, and to the physical limitations of the festival. Spirit West Coast is one of the top Christian music festivals in the country and we are dedicated to presenting the absolute best. Although there are artist development aspects, the festival is not a talent contest, showcase, exhibition or instructional session. Although those artists willing but unable to appear are disappointed, most understand. SWC tries to be responsible to the vision of presenting quality national talent, and the thousands in attendance seem to appreciate that commitment.






How can I volunteer to work at Spirit West Coast and what is involved?
Check out the Get Involved: Volunteer page.





What is the seating like at SWC?
SWC-Del Mar has a "No Seat Saving" policy. Seats are to be filled on a first-come, first-sit policy. Ushers will remove personal belongings left on seats to the end of those aisles. Reserved seats can be purchased for the Air 1 Grandstand Stage (see "Reserved Seating" on the  Info A to Z page ).


Seating is provided at all venues (including the Grandstand Stage and Arena Stage), except those designated as "audience standing" venues. No lawn chairs allowed.

Can you save your space?
Do not leave items unattended to save spaces. The Main Stage lawn will also be cleared at the conclusion of each evening – do not leave things unattended while attending the Late Nite concerts. All items left unattended in front of the Main Stage area will be turned in to Lost & Found. It's always important to be considerate of others who are looking for a space.





You can order promotional materials such as posters, newspapers, fliers, DVDs, etc. on our Promotional Tools page.





Why doesn't SWC have a dinner break?
It seems a time of shutdown would give event goers a chance to eat and not miss anything. This is an excellent question but the answer is not as simple as one might expect. First of all, SWC does not take on the role of "scheduling the day" for attendees. What may appear to be a logical time for a meal break for some may not be for others. Some may not even take a meal break at all; they just "eat on the run" so to speak. Each day of SWC starts early and ends late. How each individual approaches that day, and the necessities thereof, is part of the freedom of the SWC experience. We suggest that people be creative with their meal planning. Suggestions include: Carry a lunch, snacks, or even a "picnic" dinner with you and eat it as you watch a concert or seminar. Have one or two people make the food run to the vendors so the entire group doesn't miss anything. Eat dinner early, or lunch late (3 p.m. for example) or at in-between times of major performances, even though it may not be a traditional time for either meal. Juggling "the food thing" at SWC is part of the adventure.