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It will take approximately 1,000 volunteers to make SWC-Del Mar operational. There are positions in merchandise sales, security (ideal for peace officers, firemen), transportation, maintenance/clean-up, campground management, admissions, public relations, ushers and dozens of other areas. Volunteers receive various discounts depending on the length of time they work. The typical volunteer works one 4-1/2 hour shift per day. Join the "make it happen" team and serve God by serving others and becoming a festival volunteer.


Dozens of exhibitors will set up shop to showcase their businesses, art, ministries, music and products…the possibilities are limitless: arts & crafts, fundraising, Christian schools, parachurch ministries, missions organizations, singers & bands and more. Many regional artists further their careers by exhibiting. In Del Mar, exhibits are set up in the huge exhibit hall. 

SWC Missions Program

If you are 18-35 years old and can spare 7 days away this spring, the SWC Missions Program will be a fun and purposeful getaway! You can join in with The Navigators to help prepare for the big event! It is an awesome teamwork-oriented opportunity for young people who love Jesus and want to mature in their faith. Throughout the program, you will be challenged in your spiritual growth through group Bible studies and great teaching. There is evangelism training so that you are prepared to serve the festival goers as a counselor at the altar calls. And, you will be able to take in a few music concerts and play a vital role at some of them! Applicants are being accepted until the program is full. For more info, please visit The Navigators' SWC webpage at:


The SWC festivals make an interesting story in daily & weekly newspapers, church monthly newsletters and Christian communications opportunities. Available in this section are the festival's official press release, which includes a short ready-made paragraph for church bulletins. Since SWC attracts people from great distances (much like Women of Faith & Promise Keepers), churches from distant regions and neighboring states are encouraged to use the paragraph to spread the word. Digital photos are available by request.

Promo Tools

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