Terrace Club VIP


The many wonderful things that take place at Spirit West Coast cannot happen if the event is not financially stable. We believe in presenting a quality event, and that results in a $1,000,000 financial commitment (over 1.6 million!). The Terrace Club patron membership revenue is critical to the revenue of Spirit West Coast and your support is important.  Always remember that beyond the “benefits” of the Terrace Club program, you are supporting a unique and dynamic ministry that impacts thousands on levels that will only be fully realized in eternity.


Attending Spirit West Coast Del Mar as a "Terrace Club" VIP – The exclusive reserved Terrace Club seating is limited. Each membership (single seat) is $250 for row A, or $230 for Row B, in one of the VIP sections. Spirit West Coast extends special “VIP” privileges to Terrace Club members in appreciation for their generosity and support.





  • 1 Full-Event TicketThis admission ticket (wristband) is valid for one person for all 3 days. 
  • 1 Terrace Club Reserved Seating PassThe "pass required" Terrace Club reserved seats are located directly in front of the event’s main stage, the Air 1 Grandstand Stage. They are the closest seats to the stage and are positioned at about eye level. Choose Row A (front row in each section) or Row B (second row in each section) or a combination of both. Your specifically assigned seat will be yours to use throughout the festival.

  • Artist Reception/Dinner Pass for Saturday or SundayA private, early evening artist reception in the Turf Club on a night of their choice, based on availability (by sign-up date). The VIP reception includes a delicious dinner, and a chance to hear some of the event's artists share up close and personal. Some of the performing artists from that day will be attending the reception. SWC cannot confirm in advance which artists will be at the reception, but it is always a great group and always a ton of fun!

  • 1 Event T-shirtEach member will receive the 2012 SWC T-shirt. T-shirts will be available for pick-up at Guest Services during the event.
  • 1 Souvenir Seat CushionFor added comfort, a special SWC seat cushion to use and to take home.

Terrace Club Seating Policies:

Any person taking a seat must have a seating pass regardless of age. Since the Terrace Club seats have no additional room between the seats and aisles, no strollers or baby carriers are permitted. Only "babies in arms" would be allowed (infants less than 12 months old).



To Become A Terrace Club Member: Completely fill out all information on the registration form and mail it to the SWC Administration Office. If you have any questions regarding the membership, please call the SWC Administration Office at 408.377.9232.


Also, if you are a Terrace Club Member and are interested in volunteering at Spirit West Coast, please contact the SWC Administration Office for more information.








Terrace Club Seating is located in the center section, directly on front of the stage, with the white chairs.