Ministry Partners


Navigators SWC Mission Program



A unique SWC experience offered for young people! 


In addition to the festival events, there is a 7-day service-oriented program for 18-35 year olds (for which the program is designed.) The SWC Missions Program, hosted by The Navigators, takes place entirely on the festival grounds and begins a few days prior to the SWC event.


Participants come from all over the U.S., and some even return the following year! It is a rewarding and unforgettable opportunity for young people who love Jesus and want to mature in their faith.


In the initial days, participants hear great teaching from God's Word. To equip you for the evangelistic opportunities, you receive evangelism training from gifted spiritual leaders. You will experience the values of teamwork and accomplishment as you work to set up the festival venue. Everyone involved is assigned to smaller teams that do festival work together for a portion of each day prior to and during the festival. Then, you will be greatly utilized by God to counsel festival goers, from all walks of life, who respond to the altar calls.


Plus, time is set aside for personal and group Bible study with your team. You will no doubt make new friends, grow in your relationship with God, and see souls saved at awesome music concerts!


We pray that this program is life-changing for each young person involved. For more information about the Navigator-hosted SWC Missions Program, including how to apply, please go to:



Rallys For Christ




Rallys for Christ is an outreach ministry committed to reaching those who may have lost all hope and dreams. Serving as a front-line, direct approach ministry since 1985, Rallys for Christ brings the "GOOD NEWS" to people in the U.S and other countries. Their vision is to share how God’s word can bring joy and peace, and to teach how God can heal, deliver and set people free from the bondage of "the world".


Rallys uses equipment and resources such as mobile stages, a state of the art sound system, power generators, full light show when staging events, plus the talents of bands and singers and a power packed message from evangelist Rick Reyna. When the message is presented many people experience the love of God and hear the "WORD" like never before.


Rallys for Christ brings a complete concert and message event… everything that is needed to CHANGE YOUR CITY! For more information visit:



Operation Worship




Operation Worship was birthed from the Open Window Foundation, a non-profit foundation that provides Christian music concerts and Bibles signed by the public, to military personnel and their families on military bases. The music tour and Bible placement campaign is called "Operation Worship" and is publicly funded through donations from churches and individuals. Concerts have been held at Fort Hood, TX., The Pentagon, Fort Belvoir, Fort Polk, and Nellis AFB in Nevada. The Foundation sends free Bibles to military personnel, each with a hand signed note of encouragement, and are distributed by the military chaplains to the soldiers. To date over 200,000 Bibles have been sent. For more information please visit: