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Because of people like you and hundreds of others, this Christian music festival is a wonderful dream that has become a blessing and life changing experience for thousands of people. The event's success is the result of each Volunteer taking responsibility for a share of the work that needs to be done. Every Volunteer involved in this exciting project donates their time, and some even their finances and resources, "as unto the Lord." The SWC Leadership Team encourages all Volunteers to serve with a spirit of love, attempting to exhibit the attributes of Romans 12:9-13.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY      All volunteers must read and agree to this policy.

  • Enter into this commitment with a spirit of giving … serve so that others may receive!
  • You will work at least one 4 1/2 hour shift per day, for a minimum of three days. Your schedule will be on a shift rotation in order to insure that a volunteer works only one "prime time" night shift (approximately 8 p.m. until midnight). Some positions require longer time commitments.
  • You should agree to do your very best and commit yourself to giving your utmost to the glory of God. Be conscientious and focused on your task and represent the Festival in a professional, courteous, and loving manner.
  • Treat all Festival attendees with kindness while displaying a loving Christian attitude. The attitude of the Staff is extremely important. Remember that you are representing the Spirit West Coast Festival and the Lord. (SWC cannot tolerate discrimination of any kind.)
  • Refrain from using illegal drugs or consuming any alcoholic beverages at any time during the SWC festival, on the property of Laguna Seca or at the SWC camping areas.
  • Be responsible to your immediate Department Leader and Assistant Leader (in your area of service) and the Festival Directors. It is very important that all Volunteer Staff follow the directions of those in charge. All decisions are made by the Department Leaders and Festival Directors. Ultimately, we are all responsible to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Volunteer Applications will be accepted through July 11, 2013 (Must be postmarked by this date).




Volunteers will receive a special SWC Volunteer T-shirt and a full event wristband. The price to volunteer is $30 for online applications and $40 for mail applications. These prices increase by $10 for applications received after June 12. Volunteer fee does not include camping. Volunteers may purchase campsites through the SWC Box Office at (831) 443-5399. Click here for camping information.









The hard copy of the application will have to be mailed along with payment to the address on the application.


*After acceptance, no refunds will be given. In the event that a volunteer is unable to serve, the application fee will be contributed to the Festival Improvements fund. If you have questions you can e-mail volunteers@spiritwestcoast.org




*Volunteers must be at least 17 years or older, except in select areas