Christian Music Today

Ministry beyond music


In today’s entertainment-crazed society, big-time live concerts are usually about nothing more than just a good old rockin’, rollin’ time. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying the thrill of a top professional music performance (assuming the content is not spiritually damaging), we at Spirit West Coast want you to know that our events are intended to go way beyond an entertaining, good time.


Spirit West Coast is the name given to our large annual event, but the non-profit ministry behind it all is Christian Music Today! (or CMT, for short). The first item in our statement of purpose is “to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. There may be no greater life purpose for any of us, and it’s an especially true motivation for the hundreds of volunteers who commit time, and the growing family of donors, each in their own way committing their resources to the CMT organization and SWC ministry cause.


Literally thousands have been spiritually changed by the ministry of Spirit West Coast. Not only have several thousands made serious life-changing spiritual commitments on-site at the festivals, but thousands more of children have been impacted forever because they became sponsored children through Compassion International. When a newly-sponsored little girl or boy is exposed to the salvation story of Jesus, more often than not that youngster grows up to be a redeemed Christian parent and the circle of spiritual influence continues on to their children.


We encourage you to think of Christian Music Today! and the festival events as dynamic and unique ministry opportunities. As the Christian Music Today! name implies, we believe in Christian music as a ministry force for the Gospel. The impact of Spirit West Coast goes way beyond music, and our on-going prayer is that the ministry of the Holy Spirit that begins at the festivals will continue on in the lives of us all, long after the last note has sounded.


- The CMT Leadership Team