Singer/songwriter Blanca has a huge heart for inspiring people of all ages to trust God and dream big. And, her music is the platform she uses to make this dream a reality. Blanca was born in Puerto Rico and raised in America. As a young girl, Blanca realized she had a passion and love for music. When she was thirteen, she decided to become a professional singer. Pursuing her dream took faith and determination,

“What I’ve learned the most along the way is it doesn’t come overnight, and it doesn’t come easy. It comes in the hard work and trusting the Lord to guide you through it as you take advantage of what you have now, and where you are at.” One of her biggest dreams began to come true in 2003 when, at seventeen, Blanca became a founding member of the band Group 1 Crew. She continued performing and creating dynamic, life impacting music with Group 1 Crew for nearly ten years.

When speaking about her transition to a solo career Blanca says, “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed for the opportunity to truly share my heart and my voice with the world. And, that opportunity is finally here.” She reflects, “It’s about trusting God and saying, ‘You know what, God, I have peace about this. You’ve given me the strength … what’s next, I’m ready?’” Blanca’s debut single as a solo artist, “Who I Am” (2014) is a vulnerable reflection on a season of laying everything aside for God. It’s powerful message, combined with Blanca’s soulful vocals brings her fans to their feet and points their hearts to Jesus. Her debut solo album, Blanca, released in May 2015.

In December 2016, after a long sickness, her mom passed away and shortly after Blanca entered into writing a new record. With a strong desire to bring her honest emotions into the songwriting sessions, she started sharing her life with Emily, the writer she was working with:

“We sat down and that’s where the conversation started. I just wanted to be honest. So I start sharing my story with her, from the very beginning. ‘This is where I come from. This is how I got to know the Lord. My dad was into drugs and alcohol and he found the Lord and brought us to church.’” Blanca continues, “So, we go down this venture of writing about real love. What does that look like? What does that mean?”

The song “Real Love” was created out of that session and her Real Love EP released in September 2017.


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