Financial support helps provide so the Festival can keep the events at levels of quality people have come to expect. More than just “the quality fans can expect,” the SWC leadership feels there is a relationship between presenting quality programming so large crowds will attend so more people are exposed to the Gospel resulting in maximized spiritual impact.

Financial support helped make presenting the 2015 Del Mar event possible. NOW in 2016 a scholarship program has be launched for theJune 23 Del Mar event; an outreach initiative designed to provide tickets for unchurched and under privileged people. In addition to gifting direct to the ministry supporters can purchase any number $20 scholarship tickets to give to unchurched friends or underprivileged people.

Once again in 2016 the SWC ministry has linked with the 3-day, Sept 2-4 Nor Calif. JoshuaFest to help support that event’s efforts to reach people for Christ. The recent growth in SWC is possible because of the financial support by people who believe in using Christian music as a platform to reach people with the eternal message of Jesus Christ. SWC has always been, “…God’s people doing God’s work…” Donations accepted by credit card or check or via a monthly auto withdrawal system called MoGiv; a PDF pledge form is available and can be downloaded here: Donations are tax deductable.

As a non-profit ministry, SWC depends on the financial support of individuals and business sponsors to keep the ministry viable as the ministry continues to impact thousands as it has since 1997.

Support Donation & Pledge Form

2. To donate by phone call 408-377-9232. If you would like to discuss supporting the nonprofit ministry ask for event Director Jon Robberson.


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