Ministry and Purpose

The Spirit West Coast festival is an annual Christian music festival presented in either Monterey or Southern California. The purpose of the event is to worship and glorify Jesus Christ by: 



        • Presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music and teaching.
        • Encouraging and providing opportunities for people of all ages to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.
        • Encouraging spiritual growth, maturity and the pursuit of a Christ-like life.
        • Encouraging unity and the fellowship of believers.




At the 23 past festivals over 10,000 people have made first time salvation decisions…10,000! and even more have made spiritual recommitments and renewals. God does great things when His people come together.


Over 11,000 children have been sponsored through Compassion International; not just a push-back on poverty but also instigating spiritual new-births in countries around the world, an eternal multiplier that takes the impact of SWC around to globe for generations to come.



Fasting  and Praying for the event

Spirit West Coast is a spiritual event and nothing creates an atmosphere for the Spirit of the Living God to visit His people than advance prayer. Each year the festival leadership team and volunteers enter into a 40-day period of Fasting and Prayer, asking the Father to be in our midst and meet us at the festival. This year the 40 day Fast starts on June 22. We invite AND encourage all who will to join the advance prayer campaign as we spiritually prepare for great eternally valuable things to happen in people’s lives. Click here to read the Proclamation to Fast and Pray and learn how you can draw closer to Jesus through this endeavor.



“My husband and I have been married for 24 years. The first 20 of which my husband was not a Christian. I prayed for him earnestly, and around our 13th year of marriage, I felt like God told me that my husband would become a Christian. I felt it with all my heart. But, as the years went by, I wondered if I really heard God correctly. Seven years later my oldest daughted begged my husband and I to take the family to Spirit West Coast for a Saturday. My husband reluctantly agreed. In fact, the day before we were to go he was trying to get out of it. But, he went, and he accepted Jesus into his heart. The last four years have been wonderful. I hear him early in the mornings making his sandwich for lunch before he goes to work, listening to K-life and singing along…and I smile and thank God over and over again. It’s like I can’t stop thanking God for this wonderful blessing of a new husband who loves Jesus.” - LuJean, San Luis Obispo, CA


“I am a fairly new Christian. Though I was raised in the Church, I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus until about three years ago. Music is one of the ways that Christian friends shared the Word with me. Being at Spirit West Coast as a volunteer exposed to me such positive, happy people I could not believe it. I have worked in the marketing and PR field for over 20 years, so I have worked a lot of special events and been around a lot of large groups of people at trade shows and usually you get the exact opposite of what I experienced at SWC. Working the information booth at SWC, we had polite people come up and ask questions with a “please” and a “thank you” with such consistency it boggled the mind! Secondly, being in the audience for some of the performances literally brought tears to my eyes, as Jesus was so evident in the stadium. In particular, Todd Agnew quite simply brings Jesus into my heart, when he sings. And watching/experiencing him and his band live was a testimony for me to feel the Holy Spirit; I just sat there and cried. Tears of joy and thanksgiving, I was so filled up with His Grace, that words fail me.” – Linda R – SWC-Del Mar


“My family and I have been listening to Christian radio for almost a year now. We absolutely fell in love with it!! I just wanted to express how wonderful it is to put faces of band members together with their awesome music and message!! My family went to Spirit West Coast this year for the first time. It was my Husband, our 9 year old Son, our 7 year old Daughter and me (the Mom). We saw and did everything that Spirit West Coast had to offer!! We had so much fun and vowed that this will always be an annual family vacation. Thank you so much to everyone who put this together, to the vendors and performers!! You started our Summer right!” – Allison M. – SWC-Del Mar


“I just wanted you guys to know that this year’s SWC was the best ever. We have been coming for the last six years, and this was by far the best. The best worship for us was Newsboys (of course), MercyMe (also of course), Big Daddy Weave and surprisingly Cadet!! They had a wonderful worship service that us adults and the youth group both felt was visited by the Holy Spirit. We brought seven people with us that had never been before and all went away feeling blessed. Keep up the great work. Maybe next year we will be able to help volunteer–so far we have not been able to. We were also blessed to witness 4Him visit the handicap section. We even took a picture of them. It was nice to see someone take the time to visit a fan that would not be able to wait in a line to meet them. Again, Great job!!!” – Monica B.


“We enjoyed the Spirit West Coast festival… We really liked the way the performers weaved in songs and words of praise and worship. How wonderful it was to hear the performers and guest speakers give all praise to our King of Kings!…” – D & J Paul


I just want to say thank you, I had a memorable time. I gave my life to Jesus while I was there and I must say it is the greatest feeling I have ever experienced.


“I just want to say thank you, I had a memorable time. I gave my life to Jesus while I was there and I must say it is the greatest feeling I have ever experienced. I am already planning my trip for next year…” – Tad


“Thirty seven of us…arrived on Wednesday evening and rocked and rolled until after the Worship and Church services on Sunday morning. What an AWESOME time! This was our second trip to SWC as a group…. We are already planning on next year, and expect to expand our group. What a super event where praising Christ through music and verse and fellowship is the primary purpose. I walked a lot, slept a little, endured the sun and cold, and left with more energy than I came with. All for Him. And I can’t wait for next year…” – W. Swanson


“I just wanted to say thanks for all who made Spirit West Coast possible. It was our first one and we loved every minute of it! What a great time for a family to get out and enjoy each other. There was something for everyone…It was a clean, safe and warm Christian environment; a refreshing change from many recreation options for families today! …” – T Raaker