To the casual observer the Spirit West Coast festivals may appear to be primarily entertainment events, and they certainly are that; fantastic entertainment experiences. But in a deeper reality, the Festivals are important ministry events with a history of life changing and eternal spiritual results. Each year several hundred people accept Christ as their Savior and scores of others make important spiritual recommitments. Since 1997 over 10,000 people have indicated accepting or rededicating their life to Christ at SWC event…10,000!

There is no doubt that those who attend or are involved with Spirit West Coast will be rejoicing in eternity when it becomes clear just how many people were impacted from what happens spiritually at each year’s Festivals. Festival Director Jon Robberson recently wrote, “Year after year I’m more convinced than ever that the ministry of Spirit West Coast is as valid as any evangelistic ministry.”

“That’s a BIG statement because there are many great evangelistic ministries. Although SWC is not as large in size or resources as some crusade ministries, spiritually life changing things happen at the Festivals, just as with ministries with much larger profiles and budgets. The ministries’ purpose is clear; to provide people an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ and experience salvation,” Robberson summarizes

With the transition from multiple-day events to single-day events, the non-profit ministry has sustained in large part due to the faithful giving of a small group of dedicated donors. The donor support family partially provides the financial resources required to sustain these large and unique ministry events.

Spirit West Coast does not operate a sophisticated fund raising campaign like many ministries; we simple share the need with God’s people and trust the need will be met. A handful of people give monthly, some make a yearly pledge (paid monthly) and others one-time gifts. Since the recession started in 2008, each year has been a faith-walk year and God has provided through His people. It’s ironic that the years of greatest financial challenge have been some of the years of greatest spiritual impact.

God has richly blessed the faithfulness of SWC through the donor family, so much so that in 2015 the ministry is launching an additional 1-day festival in Del Mar June 25. Additionally the ministry is getting involved in supporting the 3-day JoshuaFest camping event in Northern California, Sept. 4-6 at the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds in Quincy. With three 1-day events in 2015, plus the impact of JoshuaFest, SWC will present the life changing message of Christ to over 25,000.

As we look forward to how the Lord continues to use the ministry of SWC, please prayerfully consider becoming involved in supporting the festival ministry financially. If you would like to discuss how you could help the ministry either on a monthly or one-time gift basis, contact Spirit West Coast’s Director Jon Robberson by emailing: or call 408-377-9232.



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